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For the past couples of week, gym sessions have been part of my fitness regime. Through these gym sessions, I have learnt 4 things connecting both gym and business.

Toning // Repetition

In order for the muscle to maintain its ‘shape’, you would require to do toning, which are primarily weight lifting exercises performed with high repetitions and low resistance (low weight). Toning exercise keeps your muscle ‘moving and active’, thus it won’t lose its shape.

Repetition in what you are doing right helps to grow your business. From daily reading of books, newspaper to doing a particular task. Repeat and repeat and repeat. Repetition in tasks not only keeps your business afloat, it also helps you to retain the present knowledge for future development. 

Targeted Muscle Groups // Targeted Daily Activities

Many who went to the gym often commit the mistake of non-targeted training. They will simply pick up the weights and start lifting. It’s not wrong but it’s not effective. Training a targeted muscle is about pushing the muscles to the limit (getting the work done), that is when its will start to develop. The time needed is shorter and the result is greater.

How many activities have you completed in day? If your answer is none; you could be one of the above, starting your day without an end in mind. Set 3 activities as your priorities per day. Focus on these 3 activities till its completion, this helps to reduce time spent on other miscellaneous activities.

Heavy Weights for Growths // Out of Comfort Zone

In order for muscle to grow, we need to life weights heavier than what our body can take. This is to force our muscles to adapt to the new weights. Your muscles won’t grow unless ‘burdens’ are on put them, just like a person.

Even entrepreneurs who are successful have their own comfort zones. At times, they are tired of learning new things or doing things differently. In order for business to grow, we have to get out of the comfort you are having. For you and your business to grow, take on new challenges, higher responsibility or even learning new things.

Gym Buddy // Business Mentor

Having a gym buddy helps to encourage and support, especially when lifting those heavy weights which you can’t do it alone. Gym buddy supports you while you do your lifting. Note: his task is to support, which mean he should be doing only 20-25% of the work.

Entrepreneurship journey is tough and lonely, especially time when faced with challengers. A business mentor at this time can provides guidance and advises to your business, there may be no solutions given but you will have a clearer picture of the situation.

Whether its gym or business, have a partner that share a common goal or interest and help each other to grow.


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