Finance, real estate, cybersecurity, and human behaviour; are the areas of skills among many others Raymond is passionate about. In 2010, after a 5-year stint as a military leader; Raymond embarked on an entrepreneurial journey where he sharpened his skills in negotiation, client management, project management, and sales techniques.

His extensive experience across a variety of industries has instilled in him the ability to stay focused on his clients at every moment. Always engaged and energetic, he prides himself on his commitment to customize and assertively execute the best possible on his clients’ behalf.

In August 2015, Raymond began his first day in the real estate business, and within a span of 2-years, he transformed himself into a consistent producer, generating 6-figure income yearly consistently. Through the years, Raymond worked with both local and overseas clients from China, Malaysia, Australia, and many more. Raymond is an active supporter of nonprofit organizations including Charity Water, Children Cancer Foundation, and many others. After graduating from Singapore ITE education in 2005, Raymond served a 5-year stint as a military leader, starting his own business, and later on becoming a successful real estate broker. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife Joanne.