August 9, 2011

Good example of bad focus.

8 years back, that was the the time when I’m still in secondary school. I was a member in my school martial arts team and of course, we are trained in various competition routines till we are seniors in the team.

It was in the last 2 years of my school term before we graduate and by then I’m considered one of the seniors in the martial arts team. Each of us were trained in a routine that we are specialise in, or more suitable for us based on our basic foundation. And of course, I was trained in the cudgel routine.

During that time, I admired how my seniors performed in the competition and got themselves selected into the national team. That’s one of my goal but without the focus. I lost my focus in such a way that when I failed in doing a particular pattern for  a routine, I will give up and go on the try other things. And when I failed in others things, I will go back to square one. In the end, nothing is achieved.

FOCUS means Follow One Course Until Successful.

I hope that by sharing this simple story of mine, it will help you to stay a little more focus in the things you do.


To your personal success,