August 15, 2011

I have a big obstacles

Like what the title have said, I have a big obstacles in my current situation.

For some of you who don’t know; I want to get into the finance industry, which is about running your own business. But I was stopped by not having the required qualification which is a simple 4 ‘O’ level credit (I got only 3.); which mean I got to sit for examinations of the equivalent level, get the credit and to qualify for it.

But today, I was hit big time as I failed my exam 2nd time this year (cool huh). That news definitely left me to feel down for a moment but I need to get over it fast. I can’t be brought down to my knees because of this.

While waiting for my result, I was actually doing related activities to prepare myself, so that once my result is out I can start my career. Why I’m writing this is that I saw people who have the luxury of doing the business are not putting in the effort (some not even 30%).

I seriously hope that this simple story of mine can change those lazy mindset, start working!