April 27, 2012

Two Good Friends Named Attitude and Discipline

Yes, today I’ll like you to meet two of my good friends named Attitude and Discipline. They have been around with me since birth and I believed you guys know them too.

Why them and what is so great about them? The two of them have helped me to create a life that is full of achievements and experiences; in many areas of my life, like personal relationship with friends, finance and career.

Attitude for me is about the feeling you have for something, how you feel towards certain people, things or events in life. For example, when you have a feeling for your business (which you definitely will); you will take the effort to manage it well and make it successful, and that goes the same for feeling towards people.

Discipline on the other hand is about rules, do you follow the rules that you have set in your life? A discipline person will take the effort to create a plan and strictly follow it to achieve what he wants for himself. Particularly in the field of finance and investment; if a trader sets a money management plan but failed to follow it, this result in losing money and makes him an ill-discipline trader.

When you have the attitude to do something, you will naturally develop the discipline for it. The two of them are always together in a person’s character.

With the above, I would like to share with you this quote:

“A Person’s Attitude Determines His Altitude and His Discipline Determines His Destiny.”

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