April 28, 2012

What Are The Best Investments In The World?

Has this question ever run through your mind? Is it real estate, stocks, options? Well, there are many answers to this; different people will have different views on this, which is quite normal.

I recently learned something from a good friend of mine, Weili; he shared with me a quote or statement you can call it, which it’s on investments. The best investments are actually things that provide you the most when you need it the most, agreed?

For some of you; it will be stocks or real estate but in my case it will be courses and insurances that I have invested in, as I can’t get my hands on real estate yet. I know some of you might be thinking, shouldn’t investments come back in terms of monetary value? So how do the courses or insurances pay back when they don’t give dividends or cash value?

Like what I’ve said, they will only pay you at the point of time when you need it the most. For example insurances, when a person requires money for medical or living expenses after he met with an accident or contracted an illness. It can also be when a person signed up for a course which he couldn’t put it to use now, but get to apply the knowledge in the future.

Not all investments returns must be monetary; personal success, business success or even in relationships. As long as something you have ‘invested’ in and gave you ‘returns’ when you need it, that is the best investment.

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