April 28, 2012

Kill Bad Fear, Not Good

If you have read Mr. Robert Kiyosaki’s book, he mentioned about a person having good debts and bad debts. Good debts are able to make you rich and bad debts are able to make you poor. Likewise for fear, bad ones give you more failures while good ones can help you succeed.

So what are the good fears are we talking about here? Good fears in another word can mean motivations, sound weird right? In every person, these two fears exist and we need to know how to differentiate them.


  • What keeps a person going to work every day in the morning? Well, it’s the fear of no money for food.
  • What keeps a person from no starting a business or doing investments? Well, it’s the fear of losing that business or money.

From the two questions above, I believe you can differentiate which is the good and bad one. Although the first one sounds a little bit losing, but it actually gives you the motivation to earn; as compared to the second one.

These not only apply in term of things dealing with money; it can be your relationship, studies or work. It can appear in many forms in life.

Both are fears as what we say, but it clearly gives you different results. We need to learn how to throw away the bad fears in us that are creating obstacles against us. It’s always good to have fear in us, but remember that in order to succeed; only good fear can stay.

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