April 28, 2012

What Is Success? How Is It Defined?

What is success and how to define it? A lot of people have been pondering about this every day and some seem not able to find the answer.

Success comes in many forms for different people; in basic explanation, achieving the goals that you have set for. For some people; success means wealth, money, fame and etc. Take me personally as an example; I defined my own success to be the form of recognition for the things that I have done, achieving the freedom of time for my hobbies and being around with my family.

How you can define your own definition of success?

Simply ask yourself; what do success means to me (in this case is you) and the very first thoughts that you have in mind, should give you 70% of the definition. What about the other 30%? That is when you start your planning on how to fulfill the other 30%, which is the hardest.

What should be in the plan?

The plan should be listing down the various methods on how you can achieve what you have defined. Back to my example again; I want recognition, freedom and time. Because of these three things, I need to think of ways to help me achieve my goals.

In my plan, I have listed internet business as my main and personal coaching as my secondary method. With my internet business, income is generated almost automatically and that’s give me more time as I do not need to worry about money. Through coaching, I impart my personal skill set to students and through this I gain both money and also the recognition that I wanted.

Keep the plan short and detailed, so that you will have a clearer idea and vision on what need to be done.

After the planning, what’s next?

Now that you have your personal definition and plans for success, the next step will be going after the excellence in your plans. Through excellence of work only then success will come as what the quote has stated:

Follow excellence and success will come.

Many people who achieved success today follow their plan and strive for excellence in it, a very basic rule. If today you were to give up your plans, do you think success will follow or just go away?

Start planning today if you want change your life; fail to plan, plan to fail.

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