July 21, 2012

Lesson from movie: The Dark Knight Rises

A group of us went for the movie The Dark Knight Rises yesterday. I’m not going to comment whether the movie is good or bad. If you want to know, buy the ticket and watch the movie.

I would like to share with you an interesting segment in the movie (in case some of you do not want to watch) relating to our life.

As you know, the dark knight does not fear death, which is not true. He does fear death, why?  Dark Knight was captured by Bane and held prisoner in an underground prison. This prison has an opening allowing ray of lights to shine, on purpose. Apart from that, prisoners are allowed to get out of the prison if they managed to conquer the rock wall, their only exit.

This wall similar to those used rock climbing except for a part, where one has to leap from one platform to another in order to continue the climb (none able to make the jump except two). The only thing that ensures they don’t fall to death, the rope around their waist.

As usual, Gotham City is in trouble and the dark knight got to save it. So, he took the same way (only way) as other prisoners, attempt to climbs the rock wall and get out. He make numerous attempts but failed when he need to leap across to the other platform.

Before his last attempt, a wise man reminded dark knight to let go his fear of death. Dark knight does not fear death but in reality he is afraid of dying in the prison. The answer to why he failed to make the leapt came to light.

On his last attempt, he conquered the wall and got out of the prison without the aid of safety rope.

The reason why dark knight failed to make the leapt is because he has the rope holding him back, resulting in not giving his best. We faced the same problem when dealing with certain issues in life because there are challengers at times that are pulling us back. Exchange of goals and personal comfort are needed to advance in life.

Identify what is holding you back in doing what is required. The fear that we are least concerned is often the one creating the most trouble.

I’m sorry if I spoil the movie or could not express the story clearly.  I hope you enjoy reading it.