December 30, 2012

Ups and Downs of 2012

Year 2012 has been an exciting year for me. It is a year filled with many ups and downs, much like a roller coaster ride. Although it’s a journey of uncertainty and roughness; the mini packages of joy and happiness are definitely included in it.

Let’s start with the downs. The first three months of 2012 are the time when I’m still trying to pass my diploma module to get into the financial industry (MAS regulation), which I had failed for the past 3 times. While preparing for the above mentioned exam/test, I continue as a freelance in the area of web development and design, a skill I acquired during my days in ITE (Institute of technical education, or some used to call It’s the End). Never did I know the power of this skill until months later.

Failing an exam/test is a small issue, compared to other issues that I have experienced. I almost got into a bad partnership with another company, as I need to expand my business. Failing to clinch several deals due to desperation in closing them. Almost got lost in business direction, not knowing where the next step to go. These are the downs but each of them certainly helped me to grow better.

After the taste of every bitter, comes the sweetness. This is the year, where I turn from a freelance to a company owner. Thanks to Mr. Jacky Chua, my business mentor; who gave me this business idea. It is also a year where I get to know many new people and among them is Mr. Richard Gavriel, who selflessly gave me business advises and share with me his business experiences.

Over the span of twelve months, I’m completed the reading of 8 books, tremendous increase of another 4 books from 2011. I covered topics on psychology, branding, business management and personal development. Certainly wonderful to have these knowledge and applying them on my business and clients.

During the month of October; I have also resumed my gym fitness regime which I stopped for almost two years (don’t worry, I had been running during these times, just without a nicer body), combined with a healthier diet. These combination gives me a healthier body and mind, which contributes to my confidence level and alertness.

This short writing summed up the wonderful journey I had for year 2012, below are some pointers that I like to share.

  1. Focus on your strength and build on your weakness. I started my business with my strength of web development and design, while I improve on areas of sales technique, marketing and others.
  2. Partnerships are important in almost every business. However, if the values of your partners are going against yours, drop them.
  3. Fast is slow and slow is fast. At times, the eager you are in getting things done, will slow down the results you get. When you are eager/desperate to close a business deals, it will only show the impression that have no business. What is yours, will be yours.
  4. ASK – Always Seek Knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Every piece of advice given are your stepping-stones to greatness.
  5. 2Ps – Professional and personal network. I learnt this from an article (can’t remember where). Grow these two network as big as possible just like Facebook.  You won’t know when you need the help from these networks.
  6. P.M.S Cultivation (not the medical or biological one!) Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Spend some for physical activities like running, swim to get your body system running right. Take some time to read news and books or maybe puzzles to keep the mental gears turning. Meditate before you turn to bed for a sound and peaceful sleep.  We all yearn for beautiful house and cars which probably last for a few years; why not for a beautiful physique, mind and spirit, which last for a lifetime.